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The Jhakaas Man Story: India’s largest beauty & fashion destination online store

            Who Are We:- Since its inception in 2021, Jhakaas Man is quickly emerging as the online store of India’s largest beauty and fashion destination with millions of happy customer support across the country. Keep you up to date with your favorite Man’s brand and a growing online community for beauty lovers and a man beauty helpline with the latest Man Beauty trends, expert advice, and YouTube videos. 

          We can also go out sometimes to give you very good man grooming products. At present, there are not many men grooming brands at our Jhakaas Man Store, but we promise. By the end of 2021, we started adding more than 500+ brands in online stores. And all will be 100% genuine brands, all original products of those brands will be there, and there is a warehouse in India right now.

Which is managed by a good team. All of the grooming products at Jhakaas Man Store stock good-priced (low-high) products, Jhakaas Man offers a broad selection of beard care, makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, personal care, luxury, and wellness products. Men & Women.

       The Jhakaas man serves each man to celebrate the star. And one of the men will always be with you to enhance his unique identity and personal style. For a wide selection of genuine beauty products from around the world for man grooming advice, Jhakaas Man is truly passionate about your beauty and wellness needs. Because your beauty is our passion.

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             We know and believe that Jhakaas Man does not want anything but the best, 100% pure, reliable man grooming and wellness products you can buy by paying. Since our inception, we have tried to set a benchmark in product quality control So that our customers only get 100% genuine and fresh products and are assured to fulfill them. Unlike other online competitors from Jhakaas Man, we do not source anything from the ‘local market’, we only The only products you offer in online stores that are 100% authentic sourced directly from the brand or their authorized distributors. This authenticity extends to all aspects of how we run our business and we will continue to run your business in the same way. And we will always focus on improving our processes. So that we always keep distributing you the best man grooming products. 

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Our Leadership Team | Jhakaas Man

Satyaparkash, M.Sc Geography, journey to become a digital marketer. And an entrepreneur,

Satyaparkash CEO & Founder


          At Jhakaas Man, we are committed to 100% authenticity of all product offerings. We make every effort to strengthen our reputation for product quality and reliability. The expiry carries out surprise checks at the warehouse to ensure random sampling for return and return of all products, implementing all quality control measures, and selecting the most reliable courier partners across the country. In another step to ensure complete quality control, we control the entire value chain from product price to final sale, to ensure that no counterfeit products are sold. The brand can be traced back through sales receipts. Warehouse staff is specially trained to check the expiration dates of all exterior packaging and beauty products and before shipping to customers. Much more

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